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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Boulder CO

When we talk about garage doors, the most common complaint that we hear about is about broken garage door springs! Boulder Garage Door Services in Boulder is an expert when it comes to anything to do with garage door springs! We believe in giving our customers top quality products, superior service at the most affordable rates which is why we have thousands of customers you entrust us with the work of repairing their broken garage door springs!

Best Quality at the Most Affordable Price

At Boulder Garage Door Services we stock garage door springs of the highest quality at prices that are most affordable depending on the brand, size and type of the garage door spring. Garage door sizes and types are quite confusing and in most cases, needs professional help. We at Boulder Garage Door Services, offer guidance and estimates at No Obligation and ABSOLUTELY FREE! So feel free to phone us at any time for your free guidance and estimate without feeling any sort of obligation!

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs are not the same and don’t believe if you are told that that they are! Boulder Garage Door Services takes pride in installing only the highest quality of torsion springs that are available in the market. Long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and galvanized springs can provide life cycle up to 50% more that the usual, standard garage door springs. This is the reason why Boulder Garage Door Services unlike our competitors offer LIFETIME WARRANTY for our springs.

Never Attempt this On Your Own!

As you must be aware, garage door springs are wound under extreme tension, so it would be extremely dangerous to try and repair a broken garage door spring on your own. When your garage door spring breaks, always call in a well reputed garage door service provider like Boulder Garage Door Services to repair or replace your broken garage door spring. Trying to repair it on your own can even cause serious injury or property damage. When you have a broken garage door spring never attempt try to lift up the door or try and disconnect your garage opener as they are massive and extremely heavy and may result in you damaging the opener, the door or even injure and you can damage the doo yourself!

Different Types of Springs

There are two main types of garage door springs – the torsion springs and the extension springs. Each of them is designed and developed to handle a particular number of cycles (opening and closing of your garage door) before they give way and break. When one of the springs breaks, in most cases, the other one follows, so while changing your broken garge door springs it is recommended that you change both the springs together so as to avoid the hassle and extra cost of doing it all over again!

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