• Lubricate the Moving Parts
  • Test the Door Balance
  • Replace the Weatherstripping
  • Clean and Paint the Door
  • Clear the Tracks

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Garage Door Maintenance Boulder CO

Regular use of you garage door clubbed with neglect can have devastating results on any type of garage door. In order to have your garage door operate smoothly and without and any issues, it is important that you have your garage door and its 300 plus parts serviced regularly and have a maintenance program.

Garage doors that are serviced and regularly and undergoes a well scheduled maintenance program can identify potential problems quickly and before they turn into major issues. A bi-annual or annual tuning-up of both your garage door and garage door motor will help to significantly bring down incidents of repairs and replacements of parts thereby keeping down the overall expenditure of taking care of your garage door and at the same time ensure optimal performance and maximum durability.

We, at Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services with our expert team of technicians, will help on at all times! On purchasing a package for our garage door maintenance program, you will regularly be informed when your garage door is due for service so that we can arrange a convenient time for us to come and do our work.

Our package for the maintenance and service at Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services include:

  • Detailed and regular inspection of the entire parts – both big and small - of you garage door.
  • Lubricating the entire moving parts of your garage door.
  • Check and ensure that all nuts and bolts and screws are tight and working fine

Any other service that is required for your garage door.

Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services have been taking care garage doors and entrusted with their maintenance for the past so many years that we can proudly say that we are an authority in this field!

Once we are entrusted the responsibility of servicing and maintaining your garage door, our team of technicians will do their job with complete sincerity and dedication. With years of experience under their belt, they can identify any small problem that you garage door may have developed by just inspecting it at close quarters. Since our vans our well stocked with common spare parts that are required for common replacements, they will be able to do the job without having to waste precious time.

Entrusting Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services with the maintenance of your garage door ensures that they stay in top working condition for years together with no major issues to cause you unnecessary headaches. And what is more, all this comes at a very affordable package – in fact, we can guarantee that we will not get a better deal in the whole of Boulder! The maintenance of your garage door and its parts will be carried out in a professional manner and we can assure that you will get total satisfaction from our services! Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services value our customers’ trust and will do nothing to jeopardize it, nor are we prepared to destroy the reputation that we have built over the years among our customers!

Just give us a call at Boulder Garage Door Maintenance Services if you want to know anything more about our package for the maintenance of your garage door.

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